Lessons I Learned From My Injury

Lessons I Learned From My Injury

Hi everybody.


It’s been a long time since I last posted. And in that time, a lot has happened.

I almost lost all of my motivation to keep posting on here (and I’ve also been very busy with pharmacy school rotations).

How did that happen? Well, I got injured.


And how did I get injured?

I got caught up trying to do exercises that I saw someone else doing. I also neglected a major fundamental exercise for a big muscle group.


And I suppose it was probably a good thing in a way, because I learned a lot through the whole ordeal:


  1. Don’t get caught up trying to do what everyone else is doing. Do what you know you’re supposed to do (this goes for everything in life, as well as the gym).
  2. Don’t skip the basics. It can be tempting to try what you think are advanced techniques, but if you’re forgetting about your foundation, it will topple eventually.
  3. Never give up, and don’t lose hope. It can sometimes seem like your present circumstances will define your situation forever, but almost everything is temporary and will change eventually. Especially an injury. Rest, then put in the work needed for recovery and you will come back stronger (and smarter) than before.



I hope this helps.


Writing this for you guys definitely helps me. The next few months will be very important to determine the direction of my pharmacy future, so I will try to write posts here more regularly, since it is a great stress reliever for me.



Until next time!

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