Weekly Dose #1

Hi everyone! Today I am going to start giving you guys a weekly post talking about the latest developments in fitness and nutrition research.

  1. Today’s Weekly Dose starts with a new study that compared a modified version of the Mediterranean diet (MedDairy) to a low-fat diet, looking at which was more effective in preventing heart disease.  Unsuprisingly, the MedDairy diet was superior. Personally, I’ve been following my own version of this diet for several years now.

    Mediterranean vs low fat diet

  2. The second story comes from a new report that regular exercise could keep your body 30 years “younger”. The researchers compared muscle cells from adults in their 60’s who had been exercising for decades and found that their muscles were very similar to healthy 25 year-olds. The aerobic capacity (that’s the amount of work your muscles can do) was less than the younger athletes, but it was 40% higher compared to their sedentary peers! If that isn’t enough motivation to start being consistent with your exercise, I don’t know what is.

    Exercise can keep your body 30 years younger

Let me know what you guys think in the comments!


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